Consultant Psychiatrist & Neuroscientist

PhD, MRCPsych, MBChB.

Dr Thomas is a consultant psychiatrist with over 20 years’ of clinical experience. He qualified in London and received his Ph.D. from University College London where he was appointed Honorary Senior Lecturer in psychiatry and became a specialist in Neuroimaging and brain optics.

He uses his experience in psychiatry and evidenced neuroscience, to help patients prevent, cure and treat mental health problems. His extensive past in the NHS, private practice and in ongoing scientific research has led to the development of world-leading mental health assessments and treatments for quicker and more accurate diagnosis and recovery, having already benefited tens of thousands.

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Over 2 Decades of Treatment & Research


Clinical interests:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Bipolar affective disorder
  • Memory and other cognitive problems
  • Attention problems and ADHD/ADD
  • Dementia prevention, diagnosis and treatment. 


I develop and offer evidence-based solutions for prevention, early identification, and treatment of common serious mental health problems.

I participate in a number of research initiatives, develop rapid and accurate diagnostic approaches and advanced fNIRS solutions used in Neurofeedback therapies for a range of disorders across adults and children, and for enhanced performance.


Consultant Psychiatrist

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  • Royal College of Psychiatrists
  • British Medical Association
  • GMC: ‍4255794


  • Royal College of Psychiatrists
  • Honorary Senior Lecturer Neuroimaging, UCL
  • Clinical R&D Lead, Brain Gain
  • NHS Consultant Psychiatrist
  • Research Fellow.


Founder and lead Neuro Scientist for Smart Start Minds

Passionate about helping people be their very best

I’m so glad I made the initial decision to reach out and tackle my mental health. I feel like a brand new person and I have Dr Dannhauser to thank for that. If anyone reading this is hesitant of reaching out, this is your sign!
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I would 100% recommend. Dr Danhauser is very understanding and thorough with his assessment, diagnosis and treatment plan going forward and our interactions have made a positive impact on my life.
Dr Dannhauser brings a holistic approach to patient care while focusing on the latest trends in cognitive research. In creating a treatment plan, he ensures long term strategies are in place - including a focus on relationships etc. Highly recommended!

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